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Where-wolves is a series of large installation-style drawing constructions first inspired by the story of OR-7, the grey wolf that traveled across the state of Oregon and into California in search of a mate, and explores the concepts of isolation, loneliness, exploration and place. OR-7 is a two-year-old grey wolf from the Imnaha pack of wolves that was reintroduced to the northwest. In the fall of 2011 OR-7, also known as Journey, became the first wolf confirmed west of the Cascades since 1947.
I find a lot of personal connections to this wolf’s story and it has inspired a series of these drawings.
This series has evolved into works about the Oregon wolves that have been poached or otherwise killed by illegal or suspect means.
The subtitle for each piece indicates the location of installation, referencing the idea of "place" with the intention of creating a map of the drawing's "travels" and "places."