Where-Wolves > Oregon Where-Wolves

Where-Wolf OR4
Mixed media on foam board with found objects, string
Dimensions vary

My current studio practice is mainly concerned with my interest in conservation and preservation of wild places and creatures. The reintroduction of wolves to the pacific northwest is central to my current work and I’m interested in human/wildlifel conflicts, coexistence with carnivores, endangered species, extinction and the human role in both the efforts to preserve endangered and threatened species and places as well as our central place in the destruction of these precious and vulnerable parts of the earth. My series titled “Where-Wolves” is inspired by the lore of the were-wolf with a play on the name to reference “place” and ideas of exploration, migration, isolation and loneliness. This series has developed into work about Oregon wolves that have been poached or have otherwise died by illegal or suspicious means.

I use a wide variety of drawing media, both dry and wet, and work on multiple surfaces that are arranged and assembled into large installations. I am interested in site specific work and how the installation space/place can influence the development of the drawings both formally and conceptually.