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Where-Wolf (South Santiam Gallery, LBCC)
Where-Wolf (South Santiam Gallery, LBCC)
Mixed media on paper with string

Where-wolf is a series of large installation-style drawing constructions inspired by the story of OR-7, the grey wolf that has traveled across the state of Oregon and into California in search of a mate, and explores the concepts of isolation, loneliness, exploration and place. OR-7 is a two-year-old grey wolf from the Imnaha pack of wolves that was reintroduced to the northwest. In the fall of 2011 OR-7, also known as Journey, became the first wolf confirmed west of the Cascades since 1947.
I find a lot of personal connections to this wolf’s story and it has inspired a series of these drawings.
The subtitle for each piece indicates the location of installation, referencing the idea of "place" with the intention of creating a map of the drawing's "travels" and "places."